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CBE Class Series

Traditional 5-week Comprehensive Course



Our CBE Class Series is for families beyond 20 weeks gestation. We support a homebirth model of care, however bring diversity and awareness that can be applied to any birthing location/care provider option.

Our CBE series is cutting-edge and incredibly unique! Each class we will be held by a framework of mindfulness, the wisdom of hormones, the structure of physiology, and the de-mystifying of prenatal/childbearing care and protocols.

We will dive deep into topics such as:

  • Rites of Passage to validate and exalt the experience of bringing new life onto the planet

  • Primal Health Insights & Impacts

  • 'Slow Birth'-what the neurological state of our newborns are asking of us

  • Birth as an Altered State

  • Institutionalized Birth as birthing in captivity

  • Exalting the Hormonal Blueprint of the Childbearing time

But also cover the basics, for example:

  • Birth Plans/Choosing a Care Provider

  • Gestational Age/Belly Mapping

  • Tools for Parents during the Childbearing Time

  • Comfort measures for Pregnancy, Birth and the Postpartum

  • Postpartum Preparation

  • Holistic Nutrition

  • Nurturing and Nourishment

  • Breastfeeding Basics

  • Newborn Care

  • The 4th Trimester

Upcoming In-Person CBE Class Series

Jaydee lives on a beautiful Certified Wilderness Habitat in E. Asheville, Shope Creek Wilderness Collective,

that hosts educational and retreat experiences of all varieties.

Pregnant Woman in Nature

Spring 2021 - Outdoors

Our outdoor CBE series will be held on the land at SCWC!

  • Sundays from 1-4

  • Beginning in March, 2021

  • For a pregnancy person alone, or with a partner!

  • $275 per pregnant person (partner at no cost

  • Limited to 12 people/6 couples

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